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Heather and The Nearly Homeless Blues Band: Live in the Studio

The Nearly Homeless Blues Band comprises: Heather Banker, vocals and rhythm guitar; Jack Cook, rhythm and lead guitar; Dave Hudson, drums; Guy Quintino, string bass, and Hugh Sutton, piano. “Nearly Homeless” describes the situation of
professional musicians in this country searching for affordable housing.

These tunes represent our country’s rich blues legacy, rarely appreciated here in the U.S., and actually more highly valued elsewhere. For example, Bob West’s Arcola Records catalogue
is highly praised in European blues periodicals, but scarcely noted in U.S. publications.

Our band is fortunate to have Bob’s support in this effort. Both he and our lead guitarist, Jack Cook, have expanded the band’s knowledge of early blues recordings.

“Don’t Advertise Your Man” was first recorded by Clara Smith in 1924 and again by Mamie Smith in 1931. Guitarist Cook introduced the other band members to the recordings of Merline Johnson (The Yas Yas Girl), a 1930’s vocalist with a large
recording catalogue. We do “I’ll Try To Forget”, featuring Dave’s rolling drums. Included also are standards and a couple of tunes written by contemporary blues artists.

This CD was recorded live in two different sessions. The first was originally intended to be a practice at bassist Guy Quintino’s studio. The second was at Kearny Barton’s legendary Audio Recording Inc. studio, most famous as the site of Jimi Hendrix’s first recording session. Both sessions were recorded with vintage equipment, on-the-spot mixing, and an absence of over-dubbing, to produce a sound as close to a live concert as possible.

The Nearly Homeless Blues Band will continue to do its patriotic duty to bring this material to light, and to produce positive clean-burning blues! Here’s to achieving Peace, Freedom, Health, and a Home for Everyone on Earth!

CD release party will be announced after the holidays.

CD Track Listing

1. STORMY WEATHER (Harold Arlen, Lyrics by Ted Koehler) 3:00
2. DON’T ADVERTISE YOUR MAN (James Foster) 2:49
3. LOVE ME LIKE A MAN (Chris Smither) 3:23
4. ALL OF ME (Seymour Simons & Gerald Marks) 3:10
5. YOU’VE BEEN A GOOD OLE WAGON (Henry Balcom) 3:28
6. HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Fats Waller) 2:26
7. I’LL TRY TO FORGET (Amos Easton) 3:02
8. BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY (Bill Monroe) 2:59
10. STORMY WEATHER - ALTERNATE TAKE (Harold Arlen, Lyrics by Ted Koehler) 2:56

Heather Banker :: vocals, guitar
Jack Cook :: guitar
Dave Hudson :: drums
Guy Quintino :: string bass
Hugh Sutton :: piano

Tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, 10 recorded by Kearny Barton
at Audio Recording, Inc. April 18, 2006.
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 recorded by Guy Quintino January 14, 2006.

Mycola Records © 2007
Contact: heatherbblues.com

Listen to Heather performing:


Good Morning Heartache
Lord Have Mercy


Stormy Weather
All of Me
Women Be Wise
You Can Love Me Like A Man

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